Quality and Environment
High quality standards and the protection of people and the environment are part of EGELHOF’s daily tasks.

EGELHOF companies are certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and on the way to be certified in accordance with IATF 16949.

Fair and sustainable management is an essential building block for a sustainable global development.

Environment sustainability is not just a slogan, it reflects a growing public awareness of social and environmental responsibility, which we have pursued for many years. At all of our locations worldwide, our culture of continuous improvement in environmental protection is at the center of our corporate strategy. All new product developments at Egelhof must pass the environmental litmus test which ensures the use of environmentally friendly materials, sustainability and recyclability.
Egelhof invests substantially to create a pleasant but challenging work atmosphere and to ensure that our success as a company extends to our employees in the form of career growth and job security.

No raw materials from conflict regions
In some parts of the world, armed conflicts are financed by the utilization of anti-social and environmentally harmful practices and the exploitation of natural resources, which, in turn, damages the environment. Therefore we support the restriction of minerals from all conflict regions worldwide.

As a fabricator of components using different metals, EGELHOF is committed to safeguarding the health, safety and protection of people and the environment.

We support and encourage the principles of environmental sustainability along the entire supply chain.

Social responsibility
The EGELHOF Group supports and respects international human rights worldwide and ensures that they do not inadvertently participate in human rights violations.
Egelhof adheres to the  following principles at all sites:

Compliance with the law
The laws of the applicable jurisdictions are respected

Respect for fundamental rights of employees
Opportunities and equal treatment of employees are promoted, regardless of their color, race, nationality, social background, gender, political or religious beliefs or age.
The personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of every individual are respected.
Sexual harassment, the creation of a hostile environment and discrimination in the workplace is against Egelhof’s policies and will not be tolerated.

Health and safety of employees
Our employees’ safety and health are our number one priorities. Each employee is entitled to a safe and healthy work environment

Corporate Citizenship and Community Development
Egelhof sees itself as an integral part of the community and promotes support of a healthy and vibrant neighborhood.

Social responsibility is at the center of the Egelhof Group mission, all affiliates and subsidiaries are equally vested in the culture of sustainability, social harmony and the respect of the employee.

EGELHOF is offering the right climate.
Would you like to work in a team and do you have a vision? Your ideas are customer-oriented and you are willing to put them into practice? Are you looking for new challenges? Then we would like to welcome you ”on board”! Here you will find current job offers.
As an innovation leader in the field of automotive air conditioning and heat technology, EGELHOF is actively involved in the research and development of promising future technologies as e.g. alternative refrigerants, fuel cell technology and shape memory alloys.